Tom Stahler, founder of Total Recall Media, brings decades of award-winning experience in communications, marketing and sales--directly benefitting his clients!  From the written word to broadcast and high-level promotion, Stahler has delivered top-notch content, garnering positive visibility and measurable success.

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He is described as passionate, creative and high-energy with consistent, documented record of developing innovative ideas and relationships in a myriad of industries. Stahler possesses superior presentation and persuasion skills, natural leadership qualities, along with with strong analytical, process and technological literacy.


His deep expertise in automotive and motor racing history has seen him win the coveted Motor Press Guild’s Dean Batchelor Award for Best Article in 2011 for “Questor Grand Prix (VM July/August 2011)”, appear as a guest on Jay Leno’s Garage and serve as an editor and contributor/producer at Vintage Motorsport Magazine,Vintage Racecar/Roadcar Magazine, Hemmings Classic Wheels, Driving-Line, Motor Mavens, the Chicago Sun Times, The Official Program of the Illinois PGA Championship, The Official Program of Elkhart Lake’s Road America, the Official Program of the Dessert Concours d'Elegance, Concorso Italiano, The Meadowdale Preservation Society and many others.

He has played key roles and created high profile events for Elkhart Lake's Road America, The Milwaukee Mile, The Chicago Bears/Sports Faith International, The Archdiocese of Chicago and the North American Soccer League.

Tom Stahler says, "We certainly appreciate the human need to create. Most of our clients have a very good idea of what they want a project to look like or how it will play out. That is why at Total Recall Media, we do not “tell” our clients how to do what they know about their business. We collaborate to add the ideas and skill that enhance the clients’ vision. That does not mean that we will not recommend ideas and processes, however we do not approach a project with a rigid attitude. There are many talented artists out there--but most have a problem “checking the ego at the door”. We feel strongly that collaboration and integration with a client--listening more than talking--will be the secret of our mutual success. We strive to do business humbly and with integrity--but not weakly. Our strength comes from our enthusiasm to serve and create."



Here is what they are saying:

I hired Tom to work on a long term client project that required a lot of custom online content production. To meet the strict demands of the client, we had to adhere to a fast production pace with aggressive deadlines, and I've been able to rely on Tom as one of our top editorial producers and integral team members time and time again. In fact, one of Tom's stories ended up becoming one of the most highly trafficked, most shared articles on the entire website!

Anyone who has worked with me on a project will tell you that I'm extremely detail oriented, and demand 110% from the members of my team. Tom delivered outstanding results every step of the way, and was extremely easy to work with, even though he was tasked with a demanding production schedule and an even more demanding team leader. I look forward to working with Tom again in the future!

Antonio Alvendia Founder at 86FEST & Editor in Chief at MotorMavens


“Tom did a fantastic job, coming in the game in the” last quarter” so to speak... He pushed us over the top, and I can’t thank him enough.  The signs and banners looked great,  the power point presentations were beautiful, the well written and distributed press releases, plus the Audio-Visual equipment he  provided..  the list goes on and on... Thank you again for all you did…and are doing.”

Angela Tomlinson Executive Director Sports Faith International


"Tom Stahler is an amazing go-getter with whom I've had the pleasure of knowing for several years and have been collaborating thru-out.  I appreciate Tom for his tenacity and enthusiasm. It's refreshing that he "get's it" quickly and spot-on. It's rare to find someone with all of his talents. He's the total package -- creative, analytical, and trustworthy. If you have the opportunity to work with him, you can be sure that he'll get the project done on-time, within budget and with creative flare. You'll be back for more."

Cindy Kurman President, Kurman Communications


Thomas Stahler exhibits a strong project-oriented understanding of process in his research and writing. This may sound to some that his writing style may be a bit dry, but this is far from the actual communicative product that is produced. He is able to integrate facts as if they were the planned wallpaper in a well-designed and thought out impression of a welcoming living room.

In short, Thomas is able to apply the creative process of communication through story and make one feel as if they had experienced the subject on a first-hand basis.

For what this is worth, I recommend Thomas Stahler for most any creative writing project that involves producing historically based articles from a set of researched facts and communicated experiences.

Edmund Jenks - Feature Page Manager, Editor, Contributor at Clarity Digital Group


“Thomas has been amazing. He is full of energy, creativity, and technically, exceptionally savvy. We are quite pleased with his work as a producer and host on our radio show. His speaking abilities and presentation come across as highly entertaining and at the same time professional.

“Thomas has been amazing. He is full of energy, creativity, and technically, exceptionally savvy. We are quite pleased with his work as a producer and host on our radio show. His speaking abilities and presentation come across as highly entertaining and at the same time professional.

Linda Slater-Dowling CEO-Nutritional Institute


“Tom Stahler is a very resourceful and experienced business developer with an excellent aptitude for understanding different markets and businesses, identifying key issues and applying this knowledge towards furthering the business goals at hand. He is also a very agreeable person.”

Jay Sojdelius Creative Director-Houdini Interactive Magic



“I can not say enough good things about working with Tom. Tom has been creative, punctual, insightful and resourceful while working to keep cost down and meeting timeline goals. I will continue to work with Tom and I would encourage anyone who wants to get things done to hire Tom.”

Matt Gorsuch CEO-Power Platform Fitness


Tom Stahler is a renaissance man possessing an artful touch. I have worked with Tom and by Tom in several parallel projects and have always found him to be innovative, trustworthy, focused, a consummate team player, and, in all he does, balanced and blessed with an illustrator's eye. Whether crafting an article, developing a video, creating a blitz campaign, or just getting the “word out”, Tom is a master of both what that “word” should look like and just how to maximize “getting it out”. In a pinch or with sufficient development time, I know I can turn to Tom and get his best and his best is spectacular.

Chris Miller Director of Operations, UCR SOM CMSAR

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